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5% отстъпка при пазаруване с карта

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Опция за преглед и тест на всеки артикул преди плащане

Поръчка и по телефон

Възможност за бърза поръчка по телефон. Наберете 0878 357 957

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Public Desire

Public Desire is a global online footwear brand selling new styles daily to fashion forward girls looking for stylish updates without breaking the bank!

As our unique products are in demand from fashionistas all around the globe, we ship to all countries right here from our global distribution centre in the UK!

Our Manchester base is a hub of creativity, with extensive outreach within social media to bloggers and our amazing followers, we aim to bring you the newest styles at a great price.

Through our innovative approach and fashion instincts we aim to tread (ever so stylishly) where other retailers don’t.

That’s enough about us, we’d rather hear from you...

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