Безплатна доставка

Безплатна доставка до адрес в България при поръчка над 90 лв.

Преглед и тест

Възможност за преглед и тест на всеки артикул при получаване

Връщане на стока

Връщане на поръчания модел в рамките на 14 дни според разпоредбите на ЕС

Доставка до 24 часа

Доставка за по-малко от денонощие на моделите в рубрика Налични


Hi! We are FiORE!

We represent a woman’s point of view from her waist all they way down to her tippy toes! Parisian chic and Italian sex appeal is a combination that has inspired us since 1998. Joie de vivre is not only a striped longsleeve shirt and a basket on a bicycle to us – for us it is living life to the fullest and the ability to take care of one’s self.

Created for women, by women – FiORE commits itself to beauty in a whole new way. Our basic lines, inspired by life, are just the beginning – our four special collections correspond with the most popular trends and change with the seasons. We want to unleash joy, to spice up the everyday and be part of your unique style.

We are not here to create problems to solve, but to respond to women’s actual needs. To make this possible, we work with an amazing team of designers, cutters and seamstresses, who think alike, with the Polish-French head of the design team, Agnieszka Mantusz, at the helm. Our everyday at Fiore is listening to the voices of women like us.

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